5th April 1957 is a historic day in the annals of Indian Democracy. It was on this day that the first Communist Government was formed in Kerala with Com. E.M.S.Namboodiripad as the Chief Minister. That was also the first election taken place after Kerala State was formed.

The ministry had only narrow majority. Despite all out efforts by the Congress Party and the Central Congress Government, they could not get a single Communist/Independent to switch over to topple the ministry.

Important legislations like Land Reforms, Education Act etc. were passed by the government which gave much relief to the people. The vested interests and fundamentalists all came together against the government, but again could not topple it. The US imperialists funded the agitation against the Kerala Communist Government.

At last, after all plans failed to topple the democratically elected Government, the Central Government dismissed it by invoking Article 356 of the Constitution. Shame on the Congress Government.

Kerala is on the top in Literacy, average income, housing, educational institutions, medical facilities, longevity etc. The democratic and labour movements are strong in the state. The Left and Left led governments in Kerala has got a pivotal role in all this.