It is estimated that about Rs.60,000 crore will be the expenditure for the 16th Lok Sabha elections as per the study conducted by the Centre for Media Studies. This will be biggest expenditure for the general elections so far. Out of this, about Rs.7,000 to Rs. 8,000 crore will be the expenditure of the government, including Election Commission, various Departments of government like Railway.

The increase in the maximum of the election expenditure by a candidate by the Election Commission will be one reason for the increase.

In addition to the recorded expenditure, there will be almost an equal amount being spent by gifts, tours etc. which are carefully hidden. In fact, the elections have become a ‘big money’ affair, with the collaboration of corporates and big business. It is almost becoming like the Presidential Election in US, where the corporates, MNCs, Finance houses spends billions of dollars in the elections to get elected those who will favour them and provide all benefits.