Last year, immediately after the naxalite attack and brutal murder of 27 Congress leaders in Chhattisgarh in June 2013, the Central Government had announced that 2,199 towers (BTS) will be erected in the naxalite areas of 9 states viz. M.P., Chhattisgarh, A.P.,Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, W.Bengal, Odisha and U.P. It was also stated that BSNL will be entrusted with the task and the project will be completed within one year.
But so far only 363 towers have been erected by BSNL though one year is going to be completed by June 2014.
The matter was discussed by the Forum both with the Secretary, DOT and also with the CMD BSNL. The information received is that the amount approved by the DOT on the proposal submitted by BSNL is Rs.789 less and hence the delay. Now there is a chance for increasing the amount also due to increase in cost of materials.
Now again, there was a brutal attack by the naxalites in which 15 persons including Policemen have been killed.
The Government, DOT and BSNL should understand that the project is intended to save the lives of the people and requires most immediate attention. They should discuss immediately and find out a solution to this problem.
It is reported that the Telecom Commission will meet and discuss this issue by the month end. Why so much delay when the election is already announced and the candidates and parties will have to go interior places for campaign. The earlier the better.