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The lengthy resolution adopted by the Barcelona Foundation conference of the Trade Union International (TUI) of Retires and Pensioners held on 5-6 February 2014 examines the developments in the lat century, the victory of the Russian Revolution, the growth and success of Socialism in Eastern Europe, the multi-polar world, which benefitted the working class and the senior citizens and later the collapse of the USSR, the uni-polar world dictated by the capitalist system, the recession, the attack on the working class and retirees, the need for sustained struggles etc. The resolution itself is a study class for the workers and the retirees.
The Resolution concludes like this:

X.-The first congress of TUI, P&R and WFTU appeals for mass affiliation of retired workers and seniors to fight for the following common objectives:

1) Organize seniors and retired workers who agree with giving themselves an instrument for the class defence as part of the trade unionism´s model represented by the WFTU in the struggle against inequalities and for the ensuring of a dignified life to all workers – male and female – who have dedicated their entire labour lives to the well being of society.
2) Join our forces and experiences to give further strength to the working and popular movements, to those employed workers whose aim is to create, through mass actions, the conditions needed to socialize the capitalist´s means of production and for the collectivization of the wealth taken from earth as to ensure workers the enjoyment of the product derived from their´s work force in equal terms for all, so nobody would be the victim of the exploitation planned by the privileged elements of society.
3) We must fight in order to attain our aim to get to every worker in the world a decent retirement income from 60 years old onwards (the retirement age should be improved in the course of the struggle) along with public health care services, proper and decent housing, culture, leisure, the access to public, high quality, transportation system, healthy environment and special care for the disabled.

XI.- This first Congress has approved the launching of TUI of pensioners and retired workers, as member of the WFTU; it has also approved its articles of association and its political and trade union document (available in ten different languages at the web /www.pensionistas.info/web/es). The Congress has appointed the world leaders of this TUI (formed by veteran trade unionist and internationalist organizers from all over the world). It has also settled its headquarters at Barcelona under the Management of the Spanish branch of CSU / P&R (till the celebration of its second congress), has prepared the necessary meetings in order to complete the Executive Board.

XII.- Hundreds of millions of pensioners and retired workers have now at their disposal a new tool in their struggle for their rights.