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The UPA government in its last stage, even when the general elections have been declared, is on the move to disintegrate BSNL by forming more companies by its bifurcation. Some of the best revenue earning and strong components of BSNL are its towers, numbering 61,622 and the optical fibre cables of 6 lakh route km, which is the largest any telecom company has.

The government and the BSNL Board is contemplating to form separate companies for the tower business and the cable assets,on the plea that by sharing of the towers and the cables, funds can be raised.

But the sharp fact is that these are making in to separate companies is to weaken the BSNL on the one hand and to help the private companies to get the maximum benefits out of the towers and cables owned by the BSNL, without the burden of constructing the same.

Even if the towers and cables are to be shared for raising funds, why separate companies are formed? This can be done by BSNL itself and get the funds for its development and expansion.

But the revival of BSNL is not in the minds of the authorities. They on the one hand wants to disintegrate the PSU and on the other hand wants to favour the private companies.

The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations strongly opposes the move of the government to bifurcate BSNL. The Forum is committed to organise sustained and mighty struggles against he same. Let us be prepared for the same.