BSNL is a fully owned government company serving the people by connecting India through the communication services. For the last four years it is on loss, mainly due to the anti-PSU policy of the Government. While giving lip-service, the government took away all the surplus of the company and restricted its growth by cancelling the tender for mobile equipment etc.
At least now, in the present crisis, it is the duty of the government to take actions to strengthen BSNL and improve its finances.
We put the following demands for the immediate improvement of the BSNL:
1. Release the Rs. 1,250 crore allotted by USOF to BSNL.
2. Pension contribution being collected from BSNL should be on the basis of the actual basis pay of the employee and not the maxim of the pay scale, which is completely unjustified.
3. Reimburse the charge of the Spectrum which has been returned by BSNL to government.
4. Waive the Notional Loan of Rs. 7,500 to BSNL (not paid at all), and refund fully all the Rs. 12,000crore or so paid by BSNL to DOT towards interest for the Notional loan.
The Government has to assist in many other ways, but the above issues can be decided quickly and the amounts paid to BSNL.
We demand the government to act quickly to save BSNL.