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A Seminar was held at Gass Memorial Hall, Raipur today, 21 February, organised under the auspices of BSNLEU, AIBDPA and BSNLCCWF, Chhattisgarh Circle Unions.
The Union flag was hoisted by Com. VAN Namboodiri, President BSNLEU and Advisor All India BSNL-DOT Pensioners Association and President, BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF. All comrades paid homage at the martyrs column.
Com. D.R.Thakur presided. Com. R.P.Atmapoojya, Circle Secretary, AIBDPA welcomed all. President, Coms. Namboodiri, S.C.Bhattacharya, Om Prakash Sahu, Circle Secretary BSNLCCWF, D.N.Bhandarkar, Vice-President, AIBDPA, Parmar, TF, Bhilai and other leaders on the dais were honoured by garlanding them.
Com.S.C.Bhattacharjee, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU and President, BSNLCCWF, inaugurated the Seminar on “Pension – Past, Present and Future”. He spoke about the background and also the present attack on pension and retirement benefits.
Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, in his speech explained the struggles organised by the working class for pension and other retirement benefits in past and the achievements made. As part of the neo-liberal policies being implemented, attack is made on the rights of the workers and pensioners and their hard-earned rights. He spoke the situation world wide and the reports in the Trade Union International Conference of Pensioners and Retirees held at Barcelona, Spain, in February 2014. He also spoke about the Revival of BSNL, the demands of the BSNL employees and also casual and contract workers. He called upon the workers to be ready for serious struggles on the demands raised by the Central Trade unions.
Coms. Sahu, Circle Secretary, BSNL Tekha Mazdoor Union, Chhattisgarh,and other leaders addressed the seminar.
A large number of workers, pensioners and casual/contract workers attended the seminar. The seminar and discussions have given a new enthusiasm to the Chhattisgarh BSNL Unions.