It was on this day, 16th February in 1959 that Fidel Castro became the Prime Minister of Socialist Cuba. After the dictator Barista was removed by the guerillas headed by Fidel Castro, Cuba was declared as a Socialist State.
The US and other imperialist countries tried several times to assassinate Fidel, but failed. An attack was planned by US against Cuba, but that also failed.
Cuba continues as a Socialist State. Cuba was alone in the Latin American / Caribbean Islands earlier. But now majority of the countries are against US imperialism and is with Cuba.
Fidel Continued as Prime Minister till 1976, when he became the President and continued till 2008 in that post. He vacated the position on health grounds and Raul Castro became the President.
Though he is 88 and is on rest, Fidel still writes and on very few occasions meet the people.
Fidel Castro has become a Revolutionary Legend in his own time.