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The Government has been compelled to postpone the privatisation of the six airports viz. Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow and Guwahati to March due to certain technical issues.

All these airports have already been modernised by Airport Authority of India (AAI), the PSU, at a high cost to the exchequer. The modernisation of Kolkata and Chennai airports had cost the AAI Rs 2,325 crore and Rs 2,015 crore respectively. The cases of other airports are also not different.

It is surprising how the UPA govt. is selling these airports along with the adjacent lands to the private companies at very meagre amount. The windfall benefit got to GMR, the private company which took over the Delhi Airport from the AAI is well known. The CAG has also pointed out the same. Despite that, the government is moving to privatise the other major profitable airports leaving the loss making ones to the AAI.

After privatisation of the airports, the price of car-parking, tea, coffee, snacks, for every thing has more than doubled up.The privatisation is only to maximise the profit of the private companies.

There should be strong protest against selling of these national assets for meagre price. These airports should continue with the AAI. Privatisation should be stopped.