How much the MNCs are cheating the government on taxes etc. is not fully known. But the following case is an indicator. The MNC is the telecom giant Vodafone.
There is already a tax case which is in talks to settle for an amount of Rs.13,000 crore with regard to its purchase Hutchinson stake in 2011. Secondly there is another tax case worth Rs. 3,700 crore with regard to sale of its Pune BPO arm which is in the court. Now the IT Department has put another tax demand of rs. 3,000 crore for an alleged transfer pricing case of 2010-11.
It is no wonder that telecom companies like Vodafone are getting profits after profits. They are continuously avoiding taxes and if notices are given they manage the government through politicians and bribing.
The casualties are PSUs like BSNL and MTNL which obeys the rule of the government.