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Cuba is a small island in the Latin American / Caribbean Islands. Its population is 1.1 crore, much less than the population of Kerala.But Cuba is well known over the world. Why?
Not only because it is a Socialist Republic.This small country won freedom from its oppressors and invaders through guerilla warfare; the Cuban Revolution became successful and Republic of Cuba came in to being on 1st January 1959.
Cuba had to face attack from all sides, including from the United States, its big neighbour and the leader of imperialism. The economic Blockade against Cuba continues for decades headed by US, despite the opposition of the vast majority of the world nations.
During the last 55 years, despite all these adversities, Cuban Revolution has given its people one of the best governance, including housing, food, education etc. Cuba is world number one in health care and most of the countries in Caribbean gets free medical training in Cuba.

Cuba celebrated its 55th Anniversary of the Victory of Revolution on the 1st January 2014. It is still headed by the leaders of the 1959 revolution. Of course, Fidel Castro, the legend in his own time, has handed over the Presidentship to Raul Castro, who is also one of the revolutionaries who stormed in to Santiago along with Fidel in 1959. Che Guevara,the Eternal Revolutionary, who left his Cuban Ministership and moved to Bolivia to free the country was killed in the deep forests of Bolivia.

Cuba was alone in its fight against US imperialism at first. Now after 55 years of the Revolution, most of the Latin American / Caribbean countries are against US. This is a great achievement.The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) is fighting against imperialist policies. A meeting of the CELAC has started on 27th January at Cuba which mourned the death of one of its great leaders, Hugo Chavez.The CELAC meeting is continuing.

The Cuban Revolution survives and advances inspiring the entire world. My Revolutionary Greetings to Cuba and its people!

” Revolution is challenging powerful dominant forces within and beyond the social and national environment…It is defending the values which are believed at the cost of any sacrifice….It is the profound conviction that there is no force on earth capable of crushing the power of the truth or ideas..” – Fidel Castro

“The Revolution continues to be the same, without commitments to absolutely anyone, only to the people.
“The Revolution has triumphed without any commitments to absolutely anyone, beyond the people, who are solely responsible for all of its victories”. – Raul Castro Ruz, President of Cuba.