Now it is official. In the face of undeniable evidences, the government conceded in the Supreme Court that 11 companies were allotted Coal Blocks with out going through the approved process.
These companies are Reliance Energy, Tata Power, Balco, SKS Ispat and Power, Prakash Industries, Green Infrastructure, Visa Power, Vandana Vidyut, GVK Power, Gagan Sponge Iron and Lanco Group Limited. Some of the big corporates like Tata, Reliance vedanta and others are included.
This is only the start. Many more skeletons are in the cup board waiting to fall down. Already the government has stated in the SC that they are going to cancel about 90 licences issued.
The Coal Gate is one of the biggest scam the country has ever witnessed and the Congress Party/UPA Govt. will have to answer the people in the loss of about Rs. 2 lakh crore tot the government. The people are going to give a suitable reply to the UPA at the time of General Elections.