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The Central Government was compelled to admit in the Supreme Court that “Something has gone wrong”in the allocation of the Coal Blocks, while the hearing was going on yesterday, 9th January. Attorney General G.Vahanvati stated the same for the government.
The government had no other alternative to admit wrong doing in the face of umpteen evidences, both oral and by records.
The central government’s move to put the state governments also in the scam was completely opposed by all the concerned state governments including those ruled by the Congress, stating that it was entirely the responsibility of the former to allot the blocks and the latter have no role in the same.
The UPA government has been in the middle of so many scams involving lakhs of crores of rupees including the 2G Scam. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been presiding over a scam tainted government. In the Coal Gate Scam, the Prime minister himself was the Coal Minister.