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The number of slum dwellers in India is a sizable one. As per the 2011 census it is 6.5 crores, more than 5% of the population. This has put the government in an unenviable position, that even after six and half decades , it has not been able solve the problem even marginally.
Now another report has come, that from the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO). According to its 2012 report, the slum dwellers are only 4.4 crores, a difference of 2.1 crores less within one year. Of course, this is not believable.
It seems that the UPA government is trying to manipulate the statistics. It knows that 2014 is the election year, and a less damaging picture is to be shown.
6.5 crore people staying in slums in the country is not a credit to any government. Speedy action is to be taken to change the situation. The slum dwellers should be provided with better accommodation and welfare measures. Reducing the number through false reports is no remedy.