As per reports received from many SSAs at the time of my visits there, it is reliably learnt that the BSNL Management is cancelling the Waiting List for landline telephones after one month or so, recording that it is not feasible to provide the same. Hundreds of applicants are denied connections this way in each SSA.
It is true that there may not be cable lines laid to that particular area or stores may not be available with the SSA etc. But cancelling the Waiting List is not the remedy. It is a negative action, which BSNL should not do.
BSNL is the telecom PSU fully owned by the Government. The policy of the government is to provide connections through out the country, both in urban and rural areas, even to the remotest and interior parts. The private telecom companies are only interested in profits and not in connectivity all over the country. That is the job of BSNL. Profit is important, so is full connectivity.
When DOT was the only telecom service provider, the applications for telephone connections were pending for years, due to lack of equipment, funds and infrastructure. When funds,equipment, infrastructure etc. became available connections were provided. There was no arbitrary cancellation of the waiting list by the DOT. It is not understood that on what basis the BSNL field units are cancelling the waiting lists. The BSNL Corporate Office does not give give a clear answer why such negative actions are being taken.
Any institution / organisation which wants to grow and be of service to the people does not not act this way. It thinks positive, act positive. Then only there will be growth, progress. BSNL has to think, plan and act only on this line.If cables have not been laid, plan for laying cables. If equipment are not available, purchase/obtain them. That is the job of Management. Workers are ready to work.
In the present circumstance of BSNL, the employees/workers are not only to do the work ordered by the higher ups, but have the responsibility to think, find out ways to improve/expand the services and pressurise the management to proceed in the matter. Discussions with the Management and taking correct decisions are important. The Works Committee is a suitable forum.
As far as this particular issue of cancelling the Waiting List of applicants for land line telephones is concerned, the union should press the management to keep the same pending and find out concrete ways to provide the connections as early as possible. Land lines are most important to BSNL for its growth. Private telecom companies / corporates have already started pressurising the government to put an end to the landline connections, as it has done in the case of Telegraph services, stating that the mobile connections only are required in the present scenario. Putting an end to land lines will lead towards the end of BSNL. That is why the corporates are on the move to see the end of landlines.
The union at Circle/SSA levels should take up the issue seriously with field level management and ensure that the waiting list is wiped out by providing the connections. That is the positive way to act.