The old year 2013 passes away and the New Year 2014 arrives by 2400/0000 hours tonight. Whatever was in 2013 is the past. Now we are thinking about the future, the new year 2014.

What are the priorities for the year 2014 for us?
1. BSNL has to survive, strengthen and provide a better service to the people:
BSNL was the biggest Telecom service provider in India when it was formed in 2000. It was growing well till the government withdrew from its commitments on financial viability and got cancelled the tenders on mobile equipment in 2007. The non-purchase of other equipment worsened the situation. For the last 4 years, BSNL is in loss.
The main target for the year for the BSNL Employees and the BSNL Management is to improve the financial position of the organisation and a better service to be provided to the customers.
The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations has already given a road map for the same through its Declaration adopted in the National Convention on Revival of BSNL held on 3rd August 2013.
The workers have to implement their role in the matter and pressurise the Management and the government to implement the tasks assigned to them. The pressure include discussion, negotiation and sustained agitation when it becomes necessary and unavoidable.
The BSNL Employees, whether executive or non-executive, have a special task. On their own, they have to improve their work-culture, have to treat the customers in the most excellent way and enhance the reputation of BSNL.

2. The settlement of long pending issues of the employees:
There are certain very important issues of the employees pending for some time. These include the issues of the BSNL appointed employees, pay stagnation of low-paid employees, next wage revision, more opportunity for promotions etc. in the new year 2014 these issues should be settled/advanced.

3. The injustice to the BSNL Casual and Contract workers should be put an end to and their justified demands settled:
There re about one lakh casual/contract workers engaged in BSNL for years together.They are inhumanly exploited mostly. The issue of regularisation of the 3,500 casual workers, payment of minimum wages as per labour ministry/BSNL C.O. orders, implementation of social security measures like EPF/ESI etc. has got to be settled in this new year. If necessary sustained agitation should be organised with the full support and participation of BSNLEU.

4. The problems of the BSNL-DOT Pensioners like 78.2% IDA, Medical claims etc. should be settled.

5. Strengthening and revitalising BSNLEU/BSNLCCWF/AIBDPA:
All the three organisations are part of the vital BSNL employees movement. All effort to be made to form BSNLCCWF and AIBDPA in all the circles and membership increased.In the same way the membership of BSNLEU also to be increased.

6. BSNLEU should be active in the CPSTU Movement and be a frontliner on the issues of the PSUs and the workers.

7. Maximum and systematic efforts to be made to educate the workers and make them part of the progressive movement of the nation and the world for a change to the better.

There are many other tasks which can be pointed out. Let us start with the above first, others will follow.

Unity for Struggle! Struggle for Unity! Unity and Struggle for Progress!
Make Impossible in to Possible!
Workers of the World Unite!