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The government, BSNL Management, media and vested interests are continuously propagating that the crisis in BSNL is partly due to the increase in wages of employees which has shot up to 52% of the total revenue.
This propaganda is completely false and based on wrong premises. The fact is that for the last five years, there has not been any increase to be mentioned as such in the wages of the employees. Just go through the following figures showing the wages for the past few years:
2009-10 : Rs. 13455.04 crore, 2010-11: Rs. 13790.95 crore, 2011-12: Rs. 13406.04 crore, 2012-13 : Rs. 13757.82 crore
But the Revenue has been going down as can be seen below:
2007-2008: Rs. 32842.30 crore, 2008-09: Rs. 30169.42 crore, 2009-10: Rs.27913.44 crore, 2010-11: Rs. 27044.71 crore, 2011-12: Rs. 25982.13 crore, 2012-13: Rs. 25654.81 crore.
While the wage expense from 2009-10 to 2012-13 was almost the same with very minor difference, the revenue came down from 2007-08 to 2012-13 from Rs. 32842.30 crore to Rs.25654.81 crore,a reduction of more than Rs. 7,000 crore. If the revenue had increased or at least maintained its position, the percentage of wages should have been far less, say about 33%.
As stated earlier it is not that the wages have increased, but it is that the revenue has decreased. The Management and Government very well know this fact, but want to mislead the workers and public. But the workers are also aware of the facts.