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The corporates are chameleons. They change their opinions completely when it suits them.
Take the example of the tax arrears of Vodafone, Nokia etc. to be paid to the government. These companies go to arbitration, court etc. for getting the tax due cancelled or at least reduced. And the government is sympathetically hearing them.
Now the Competition Commission of India has levied a fine of Rs. 1,773 crore on Coal India Limited for ‘abusing’ its dominant position in the market. Nothing of corruption or tax-evading.But the corporates, media controlled by them, are shouting together that CIL should pay the penalty and not to go to the legal remedy.
Why this double talk? The only reason is that Vodafone, Nokia etc. are MNCs and private companies. They should not be ‘harassed’ by tax etc. But Coal India Ltd. is a PSU.Hence it should obey all rules and should pay the penalty without any opposition!