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One of the most important agenda of the UPA-II government has been and is the selling of the Nation’s wealth to the private on the plea of reducing the financial crunch. But it is more than that. The government wants to wealth of the Nation’s wealth for maximising the profit of the private corporates.
Tomorrow, 3rd December 2013, a meeting of the high level Ministers are going to take place to speed up the Disinvestment process. A target of Rs.40,000 crore was fixed for 2013-14 through selling shares of PSUs, but so after it has received only Rs. 1325 crores by selling shares of six PSUs.
Government wanted to disinvest 10% shares of Coal India Ltd. but due to strong opposition from the trade unions, it could not be done. Now the government is proposing to sell 5% of the shares of CIL. Government has 90% shares in CIL now.
Further the government is proposing to hand over the balance shares of 49% shares of BALCO and 29.5% shares of Hindustan Zinc Ltd., the majority shares of which are are already with Vedanta group of companies. These were sold in 2001-03 despite strong opposition and strike from the unions. Now both these will be fully under the private companies. This is what the government wants to do with all PSUs one after another.
I am sure the workers of these PSUs will fight against this privatisation process. They should be given full support and solidarity.