The double face of the Government has been exposed more than once. It speaks about the poor, but always does things for the rich. Once again its pro-rich, pro-corporate dark face has been exposed.
According to the media reports, during the 8 financial years from 2005-06 to 2012-13, the Central Government has foregone an Amount of Rs. 33,80,799 by way of Corporate Tax, Personal Income Tax, Excise and Custom duties which was to be recovered from the corporates etc. may be numbering a few lakhs altogether. But the subsidy etc. given to the crores of common people in the country is only about half or less than that. The break-up of the rebates etc. to the rich and corporates are given below:
Corporate Tax Rebate : Rs. 4,74,346 crore
Personal Income Tax : Rs. 2,71,512 crore
Excise Duty : Rs.11,45,337 crore
Customs Duty : Rs.14,89,604 crore
Total : Rs.33,80,799 crore

This government is not the government of poor and toiling people, but the government of the crorepatis.