The 15th International Meeting of the Communist and Workers Parties, which was held at Lisbon Portugal on 8-10 November 2013 was participated by 77 Communist Parties from 61 countries. 14 Communist Parties which could not attend send letters expressing their inability to attend.
The International Meeting discussed about the present world situation and other relevant issues. After the discussions, defined the following guidelines for their common and convergent action and mandated the Working Group to plan for implementation of the following guidelines:

1. Commemorate the 100 years of First World War (1914-18) and 75 years of the II World War (1939-45) through alerting the people about the dangers of war and the new international military clashes and the need to enhance the struggle for peace which is closely connected with the struggle for socialism.
2. Mark the 15 years beginning of criminal imperialistic NATO aggression in Yugoslavia and the development of of military imperialistic strategy for occupation of countries by NATO.
3. Organise international seminar on the crisis of the capitalist and developed countries and also focussing on the issues of the developing countries.High light the ominous role of the monopolies in this connection.
4. Organise International campaign in solidarity with the ongoing processes and struggles in Latin America and Caribbean and in particular Socialist Cuba,against the Cuban blockade, the 4 Cuban patriots still in US jail etc.
5. Organising international working committee meetings to debate ideological offensive etc.
6. To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March 2014.
7. Observe 1 May 2014 as May Day in a befitting manner.
8. Examine the possibility of convergent actions on the combat against racism, xenophobia,fascism, stressing the importance of struggle against anti-communism etc.
9. To determine a day of action against the persecution of Communist parties and the ban on Communist symbols, affirming the solidarity with the communist parties banned in their countries.
10. Commemorate the 95th Anniversary of creation of the Communist International (March 1919) underlining, on the occasion of 90 years of Lenin’s death, his central contribution to the international communist movement.
11. Organise an international seminar on the social and national emancipation struggles of the peoples of Arab Countries and the Middle east expressing solidarity.
12. Continue to denounce the imperialist intervention against Syria and Iran and for an independent palestinian state.
13. To promote international front against and to support the anti-imperialist mass organisations, World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), World Peace Council(WPC), World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) and Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF).