The states in the eastern coast of A.P., Odisha and W.Bengal have become the regular targets of the many storms and typhoons that lash out from the Bay of Bengal and beyond. This time it is the coastal districts of A.P. that are being targeted by the storm “Helen”. The deep depression has caused heavy rains and winds in E.Godavari, W.Godavari and Krishna. 20,000 people have been evacuated. it is estimated that crops in about one lakh hectares have been destroyed.
The only consolation in the face of these natural catastrophe is that unlike earlier, prior information is being received about the storms / typhoon etc.so that the people are being evacuated which reduces the death toll. In the recent Storm “Phailin” lakhs of people were evacuated in Odisha and A.P.which reduced the death toll. Lakhs of houses were smashed down and if the people were there, what would have happened?