New Delhi, Nov 21 : CPI(M) today asked all non-
Congress parties to get together to thwart RSS-BJP from their
“frantic bid” to gain power through communal polarisation and
exploiting the “popular discontent” against the UPA-II

“The growing popular discontent amongst our people must
be so mobilised that it finds an expression in a non-Congress, anti-BJP political alternative that shall pursue an
alternative policy direction for the country which will
provide the much-needed relief to the people and steer the
country on a sustainable path of economic development and
progress,” senior CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury has said.

In an editorial in the forthcoming issue of party organ
‘People’s Democracy’, he said BJP was attempting to “re-
polarise and further divide the people on communal lines
hoping that this would help it electorally. A crass effort of
practicing vote bank politics for consolidating the majority
vote bank.”

Noting that RSS-BJP were making “desperate efforts…in
their frantic bid to form a government in the post-2014
general elections,” Yechury said in order to achieve this, the combine “seems to be using all the weapons in their arsenal.”

“Their success will only herald the beginning of efforts
to completely negate and undermine the secular democratic
Indian Republic as we know of it today. This cannot be
He said the “RSS-BJP combine of communal forces cannot be
allowed to exploit the growing popular discontent arising out
of the anti-people policies of the current UPA-II government
to achieve their objective.”

The CPI(M) leader warned that the “mainstay” of the RSS-
BJP combine’s “arsenal” was “sharpening of communal
polarisation by creating antagonistic divisions between the
religious majority and the minorities particularly against the Muslims with all its gory consequences of communal riots,
bloodshed and mayhem.” (PTI)