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The cat is out of the bag! The Central Government has stated that it is against giving more powers to CBI. Earlier, the government spokesmen always used to say that let law takes its own course. It was when the CBI was completely under its control. After the Supreme Court intervened asked the CBI not to consult the government in the coal scam etc. before submitting its report to the court, the government has become agitated. It very well knows that once CBI is given freedom to inquire on its own with out the control of the government, the Ministers, top politicians etc. will be caught by the CBI. That is why now both the Prime minister as well as Finance Minister has started attacking the CAG and CBI and don’t want to give it freedom to enquire in the corrupt cases etc.
The Supreme Court should ensure the Independence of the CBI. It should not be the wagging tail of the ruling party.