The Circle Conference of BSNL Employees Union, Kerala Circle will be held from 6th to 8th November 2013 at Kottayam. This time, due to ill-health, I am not in a position to attend the same.
It is for the first time since 1961 that I am missing the Kerala circle Conference. As many old comrades may remember, the Kerala Circle unions of NFPTE were formed in 1960, bifurcated from Madras Circle. The first conference of the P and T Unions was jointly held at Trivandrum. I was a delegate both to the E.III Union as Branch Secretary and E.IV Union as President. The first Conference was a historical one with the very important decisions taken in the Conference.
The three most important decisions taken were: 1) The NFPTE Unions in Kerala will hold the Circle Conferences jointly at the same place. 2) The Circle Union Offices of all the unions will function together and 3) A Joint journal for the P and T Unions will be published. Accordingly P and T House functioned as the Circle HQ, Kampithapal was the organ of the P and T Co-ordinating Committee and the Circle Conference were jointly held. This system continued till BSNL was formed in 2000.
It was a pleasure to meet hundreds of leading comrades together who built up the strong P and T movement in Kerala. After formation of BSNL Employees Union also, I used to attend all the Circle Conferences. This time I will be missing all the comrades who attend the Conference, since i will not be able to attend. I now remember that I was elected as the Circle Secretary of the AITEU Class III, Kerala in the Circle Conference held at Kottayam in 1978.
All my Best Wishes for the success of the Conference. My Fraternal greetings to all the delegates and Comrades present.