The move of the Ministry of Civil Aviation to privatise Chennai, Kolkata and some other profit-making Airports has been slammed by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, headed by Com.Sitaram Yechury,M.P.,stating that the privatisation neither make economic sense or even common sense.
These airports have been recently modernised by the Air Port Authority of India, spending thousands of crores of rupees. Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow etc. are some of the few remaining profit-getting airports after Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru etc. which are already privatised. The government seems to be under the plan to privatise all the profit-making air-ports for maximising the profit for private companies and leave the loss making air-ports only to the AAI.

The UPA Government seems to be in a hurry to handover all profit making PSUs to the private companies, before its term is over.But the unanimous report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee’s report against privatisation of Air-Ports will be a road block. It is also pertinent that the Standing Committee has pointed out that after privatisation of the Delhi Airport, it has become the most expensive air port in the world.
Massive protest should come against the ill-motivated move of the government to privatise the air ports and defeat the sinister game.