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The 26th Bengal state conference of the All Indian Democratic Women’s Federation(AIDWA) was held in Krishnanagar, Nadia,rechristened ‘Laxmi Sehgal Nagar’. The town, awash in red, turned out in thousands to attend the public event of the conference. The conference was inaugurated by All India Secretary, Sudha Sundararaman.
Addressing the eager gathering, national women leader & Polit Bureau member, Brinda Karat hailed the heroic resistance of the women of Bengal & Nadia in particular. She was unequivocal in her criticism of the Mamata government’s tyranny & the rise in crime on women. ‘When the state leads the nation in the ‘murder’ of democracy, women bear the brunt. In the massive violence unleashed during the Panchayat elections by the ruling party, women were most affected, be it a candidate, a voter or a political worker. When the whole nation is pushed towards extreme financial distress with rising inflation & growing unemployment on account of anti-people neo-liberal policies pursued by the UPA-2 government, it’s the women who bear the distress & lead the struggle’.
(Courtsey: Ganashakti)

Scathing in her criticism of the growing disclosure of large scale fraud with both the Central & Bengal state governments, she put Modi in perspective. Recalling the ghastly 2002 riots, she reminded the people that thousands of minority women were exposed to organized violence, multiple cases that the Supreme Court is handling now. She exposed the secular duplicity of the CM, Mamata Banerjee who has & continues to hobnob with the BJP. It was PM Vajpayee then, who was hosted by Mamata at her residence, she recalled & stated that it could well be Modi tomorrow.