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The corporates have no mercy on their employees or associates, if the latter cheats or do any minor mistake which results loss or bad name to the company. They are immediately dealt with harshly with no quarters given.
But these same corporates make a loud protest and noise, when they themselves are caught cheating the government and booked. Their claim seems to be that they have got a right to cheat the government, bribe government officials for illegal benefits and that neither the people nor the government law enforcing agencies have a right to expose them or punish them. Such actions are termed as anti-industry and against the interest of business atmosphere.
The government is also acting on the same line. Many ministers have criticised the CBI action against the big corporates. Now where is their oft-repeated slogan that ” Law will take its own course?”. Is it not applicable to the corporates who cheat and violate the law of the country? Stop this double standard!