The Global Corruption Index has put India at 69th position out of 197 countries. Now the increasing corruption in India is known to other countries also. The last three four years have seen unended corruptions of thousands and lakhs of crore corruption cases like 2G, Coal Gate, Antrix-Dewas, Common Wealth Games, Adarsh Housing Colony, Railway Scam and many more in which the Central Government itself is directly involved. Not only corruption, but criminality by destroying the evidences, just like in the Coal Gate Scam etc. are being revealed. Those who raises the Corruption issues are victimised.

Certainly, India is in the middle of a lot of scams and corruption. It is almost become part of the establishment. Corporates, Industrialists, big business are all part of it.

There is no other way but to fight this menace continuously and with determination to make an end to it.