BSNL will be completing 13 years of its existence on 1st October 2013. It was formed on 1st October 2000 as part of the neo-liberal policy of the Government with the intention of gradually disinvesting and privatising the same. The Telecom Unions under the banner of National Action Committee led by AITEU. Class III (N) organised two successful strikes and other agitational programmes against corporatisation. Then recognised Federations, NFTE and FNTO went on strike in the last moment but made an agreement with the DOT accepting corporatisation.Thus BSNL was formed on 1st October 2000.

What happened during the last 13 years are well known to all. The company was running well and improving its position. The government and the private sector which thought that BSNL will crumble down on its own were disappointed. When they realised that BSNL is strengthening they started the operation to weaken and destabilise it. Government support on financial viability was stopped, the procurement process was destabilised and along with the same, many actions were taken to favour the private companies and against the interest of the incumbent operator, BSNL. The government decided to disinvest BSNL, but the Joint Forum by going on strike defeated the same. On the strong opposition from JF, VRS could not be implemented. But the anti-PSU policy of the government and the lethargic working of the ITS led management resulted in continued loss for the company for the last four years. The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations is making all out efforts to pressurise the government and BSNL Management to take pro-BSNL decisions and implementation of the same. It called upon the workers to improve the customer services. The National Convention on Revival of BSNL held at New Delhi on 3rd August adopted a Declaration with proposals and suggestions for strengthening the company and for a better service to the customer. This process is continuing.

And now the 13th anniversary of the formation is coming. Let us continue our work to improve the service and pressurise the management and the Government for taking suitable decisions for strengthening the company. The Forum meeting which is going to be held on 9th October will take suitable decisions in the matter.
My Best Wishes and Greetings to all the BSNL workers on this 13th Anniversary of BSNL!