New Delhi, Sep 27 Terming Supreme Court’s verdict on negative vote as a “minor” aspect of electoral reforms, Left parties today sought comprehensive changes in electoral laws, including steps to curb money and muscle power.

“The CPI(M) has been advocating comprehensive electoral reforms but these important issues have not been placed by the government before Parliament so far,” the party Politburo said in a statement.

Describing the Supreme Court judgment to include a ‘no vote’ on the ballot as “only a minor aspect” of poll reforms, it said “these matters are being dealt with in a piecemeal way by the judiciary.”

What was required was “comprehensive electoral reforms including the issue of proportional representation, urgent steps to curb money and muscle power, which must be discussed and adopted by Parliament”. the CPI(M) said.

The CPI welcomed the verdict but said it “does not rule out the possibility of a tainted and criminal candidate getting elected on the basis of the ‘first past post’ system”.

In a statement, it said the Left parties have been campaigning for comprehensive electoral reforms to provide for “proportional representation and prevent the use of money and muscle power to distort the people’s verdict”.

“A one-shot decision like the above alone will not serve the purpose of cleansing the electoral system,” the CPI said, calling for a push towards comprehensive electoral reforms which was “the need of the hour”.

In a landmark verdict, the Supreme Court today held that citizens have right to cast negative vote rejecting all candidates contesting polls, a decision which would encourage people not satisfied with contestants to turn up for voting.