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The Tripura is in the top position in the country with regard to literacy. As per the latest statistics Tripura has got 94.65% literacy, thus putting Kerala in to second position with 93.91%. As per the 2011 census, Kerala was in the first position.

For Tripura, this is a big achievement. In 2001 Census,Tripura was in the 13th position. In 2011 Census, it was in the fourth position. Now it has reached the first position with 94.65%. Since more than 90% literacy is treated as 100% literacy, both Kerala and Tripura are now treated as 100% literate. Hearty Congratulations to the Tripura Government and the people. Both Kerala and Tripura have been declared as 100% literacy states under the Left Front Rule.

Com. Manik Sarkar, Chief minister of Tripura,however, is not satisfied. He wants 100% literacy literally. He stated that efforts are on for the same.