The 16 days complete strike of casual-contract workers of Kerala from 12th August supported by the BSNLEU through work-to-Rule from 26th August was settled after the management agreed to certain important demands. The salient points of the agreement as intimated by the Circle Secretaries BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF are given below:

“The indefinite strike of the contract and temporary workers of Kerala circle ended on the 16th day with a reasonable agreement with the management on 27-08-2013 at 5 pm. Almost all the workers participated in the strike called by BSNL Casual Contract Labours Union. Enhancement of wages, implement EPF & ESI and other social security measures, payment of Bonus, issue of ID card, desist from the move to implement work contract system etc. were the important demands raised by the union. The strike was total and badly affected the service.
The strike was supported by BSNLEU by giving call to work to rule agitation from 26-08-2013. The left and democratic forces, trade unions, service organizations etc. had also supported the strike. The management was adamant but later compelled to come down and to settle the demands.

The salient features of the settlement are:

1. The employees engaged for Cable/Line maintenance will be paid @ Rs.258/- + DA
2. All other workers will be paid @ Rs.236/-+DA
3. EPF and ESI will be implemented.
4. Work less than 4 hours will be treated as part time and ESI & EPF will be implemented
5. Payment of Bonus will be considered and provision will be included in the Tender
6. ID card certified by BSNL officer will be issued
7. The system of Work Contract will not be implemented at present.”

This is the first time that a uniform wage structure has been implemented throughout the state and there will not be any victimization against the workers participated in the strike.”

This is a good agreement. We congratulate the casual contract Workers Union as also BSNLEU of Kerala for the historic strike and agreement!