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The government wants to being FDI in pension and increase FDI in Insurance sectors. The European and US imperialists have been continuously pressurising the government of India for the same so that their MNCs who have got huge funds with them can invest and reap maximum profits. During the visit of Finance Minister P.Chidambaram and other ministers in US, they have assured the foreign investors that the government is seriously trying address the issues raised by them. And FDI in both the sectors are a priority for them.

It is reported that the main opposition, BJP, has agreed to reconsider their objection. This is only a matter of time.

The workers in Insurance sector have been continuously opposing FDI and had been successful so far, to a certain extend in containing FDI increase. The Central/State government employees and other workers have been stoutly opposing FDI in Pension. A big Parliament March was organised last year against PFRDA Bill. The PFRDA Ordinance is issued, but it will have to be passed in the Parliament.

There is no other way, but unitedly fight the menace of FDI with support of the people.