The Congress Government at the centre, in the immediate post-independence period used to highlight its democratic functioning and acting as per constitutional provisions. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister. But all this changed once the election in the newly formed Kerala State was formed and the Communist Government under Com. EMS Namboodiripad as Chief Minister took office in 1957. It was a shock to the Congress Party. It could not digest that a state under it is being ruled by the Communist Party.

The anger increased when the Communist Government passed the Land Reforms Bill which benefitted thousands of people who got at least a piece of land. When the Education Bill was passed it benefitted the teachers in private schools, but rattled the private school managements mainly under religious institutions who were exploiting the teachers. All the disgruntled elements started a ‘Vimochan Samaram’ against the elected government with full support of US imperialism who liberally gave financial aid also.
All the democratic cover of the Central Government and the Congress Party was exposed. The Congress government at the centre dismissed the Kerala Government under Article 356 of the Constitution. It was nothing but murder of democracy. It was on 31st July 1959 that this ignominious order was issued and the elected Communist Government dismissed. During the last many decades, despite many attacks from the Congress and the Central Government, CPI(M) has grown as the biggest party in Kerala. The harassment of party comrades and witch-hunt continues, but the Party is fully capable of facing the same.