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Athens, July 17 :The strike on 16th July with the demonstrations against the multi-pronged law of the government of ND and PASOK in Athens and in 65 cities throughout the country has been the starting point for new struggles. This draft law threatens to smash any rights that have remained for the working people both in the private and public sector, by means of abolishing the National Collective Bargaining Agreement and setting the minimum wage according to the needs of the businesses’ profitability, dismissing thousands of employees in the public sector and the municipalities, imposing new cuts in healthcare and welfare, introducing new tax categories that impose an even more savage tax plundering with the abolition of tax-free income, something that will have tragic consequences in the every-day life of the workers’ and people’s families.

The class oriented forces fought for this strike in difficult conditions under the overall assault of the government and the employers, with the employer-led trade unionism undermining the struggle of the working people. They showed that the working people, both in public and private sector, must carry out a unified struggle along with self-employed and poor farmers.

In Athens the Omonia Square was flooded with strikers and protesters who arrived at 10:30 after having gathered in their meeting points. It was a particularly mass strike demonstration. There has also been an important participation of workers who in the previous organized struggles in their workplaces. (Report from AFP)