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BSNL, DOT and Government continuously propagate that the loss to BSNL is due to the excess staff and one lakh surplus workers should be reduced through VRS. What are the facts?

There was 3.97 lakh employees when BSNL was formed in October 2000. As on 31st March 2012, the strength of employees was only 2.58 lakhs. Within 12 years, 1.39 lakhs have been reduced by retirement etc.
What about the profit/loss? When there were 3.97 lakhs BSNL was having profit. All the first 9 years from 2000-2001 to 2008-2009, when there was much staff then at present, mostly above 3 lakhs, there were good profits. Thus the argument of the management that the loss is due to salary of employees is completely devoid of facts. The % of salary to revenue/expenditure has been increased only because the revenue has gone down during the last 4 financial years. Who is responsible for the revenue loss? It is not the workers. It is due to the anti-PSU policies of the government and the lethargic BSNL management which utterly failed in expanding and developing the services. The cut-throat competition is also another reason.

The BSNL Management is continuously mentioning that the salary of the workers is the reason for loss of the company is only to cover up their mismanagement which resulted in the loss of revenue and hence the loss.