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This is not surprising. The Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has strongly backed the proposed increase of 100% FDI in Telecom. In fact, it is his own child. The government is trying to sell the family silver in a massive way to favour the MNCs and get some money, which is not worth even 25% of the assets.

It is also reported that he is favouring the increase of FDI from 26% to 49% which has been strongly opposed by the Defence minister A.K.Antony who termed the proposal as retrograde.

Only a very strong and committed movement can save the country from this government, who is only the manager, from selling the assets of the country whose real owners are the people of this country.  At this time people have started recollecting the entry of East India Company in India, which heralded the British rule for two centuries. History repeats, but in new form and new ways. Unless one learns lessons from history and reacts, the future will be in peril.