Vodafone has offered the government that it is prepare to pay Rs. 4,000 crore to keep its 2G spectrum, after the licence period over, which is going to be shortly. this is different from the stand taken by it along with Bharti Airtel and idea Cellular earlier. It is not known what differences have cropped after the three companies formed a cartel to defeat the recent actions of spectrum by not bidding at all.

One reason may be the government stand to negotiate with Vodafone regarding the RS.14,000 crore  Income Tax to be paid by it. Instead of taking strong action to get the tax remitted by Vodafone, the government has offering Vodafone a chance to get out of the tax noose or at least  reduce it drastically. Any way a crafty MNC like Vodafone will never agree to offer  like mentioned earlier, unless there is good business opportunity.