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The unprecedented floods and  landslides in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh has taken a heavy toll of precious lives of the locals as well as the tourists. Though the bodies so far received are about 150 or so,  the latest reports indicate that the toll may be more than thousand or further  more. The Army as well as the common people are trying their best to evacuate the stranded people from the devastated area. My salute to those Jawans and others who are  putting all efforts to save human lives even at the cost of their own lives.

it is not the time to examine all the issues connected with this catastrophe. It is the time to rescue the people, ensure that the stranded people gets food and shelter,restore the confidence among people, restore the communications etc.

However, it will not be out-of-place to mention one thing. While this is a natural calamity, it is also true that this could have been averted or at least intensity reduced if the government was careful about the construction of large number of dams, and innumerable constructions without considering the eco-problems,despite serious warnings by the eco-experts and the concerned ministry in the government. I am sure that this aspect will be seriously considered by the government at least after the immediate concerns are attended to.

Ignoring them will be only at the peril of further such catasrophies.