The government has made its policy clear through actions on privatisation. Where there is profit, privatise it. Where there is loss, either close or keep it with government. A strange policy indeed!

This time it is the Airports. The most profitable airports, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad are already privatised. How the private companies who run the air ports fleece the passengers through additional charge is well-known. The CAG has already exposed the role of the private players like GVK (Mumbai Airport) and GMR (Delhi Airport).

But the government is determined to privatise even other profitable airports, keeping only the loss making with the Airport Authority of India (AAI). Now the Central Government is proposing to privatise Kolkata and Chennai, the next big airports where there is profit. It is very interesting that the AAI has already spent more than Rs. 3,700 crore for modernising the above airports and the benefit will go to the private companies.

The government and its anti-people policies should be exposed and defeated.