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The Immediate tasks outlined for the coming period by the 14th AIC of CITU is reproduced below:

1. Week-long intensive campaign at all workplaces and industrial areas commencing from CITU Foundation Day on 30th May 2013 focusing on demands;

i)      Minimum Wage at not less than Rs 10,000 per month and its linkage with consumer price index for the purpose of Dearness Allowance; ii)     Same Wage as regular workers for same and similar work for the contract workers in respective industries and establishments to be enforced stringently through appropriate amendment of Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition ) Act 1970; and iii)     Universal Social Security coverage and assured pension for all workers both in unorganized and organized sector;

–     Covering widest spectrum of workers and activising all union level committees;  –     Widespread distribution of handbills; pasting posters, holding gate-meetings, shop level meetings, at workers’ residential colonies, area level meetings etc to be decided by the state/district/area/union level committees; –     Aiming to reach widest sections of workers irrespective of their affiliations; –     State committees monitoring and sending reports to CITU centre with every details including number of printed materials circulated and number of workers directly covered.

2.     The campaign is to culminate in next week-long massive mobilization and agitation, the form to be decided by the state committees, at district/block/ tehsil  level or staging dharna before the central/state government offices.