The strike by the Railway men in May 1974 which was participated by about 19 lakh workers and continued for about three weeks is the biggest strike known so far. It started on 8th May 1974 on the demands of Bonus and other issues. The government brutally suppressed the strike by arresting and jailing tens of thousands of workers, dismissing and terminating and through other victimisation.

A section of the Central Government employees under the leadership of Confederation of Central Govt. employees led by Com. S.K.Vyas also participated for 5 days.  ( I was chargesheeted and punished for participation in the strike).  The section led by Com.O.P.Gupta, not only did not participate, but worked against the strike and supported the government.

The strike was suppressed, but the result came after a few years. After the Janatha Government came in 1977, Bonus was first declared for the Railway workers and later for all Central Government employees.

on this 39th anniversary of the strike I pay Red Salute to all those comrades who participated and faced the brutal victimisation of the government.