In a big blow to the UPA government, the Supreme Court has stated in strong words that how the CBI report was shared ‘as desired’ by the Law minister and Joint Secretaries of Law and Coal Ministries. It warned the government that CBI should be free from government intervention. The CBI has also been asked by the SC to inform whether any other person has shared the CBI report.

The above observations of the Supreme Court  has put the government in a very embarrassing position. Dismissing the demand of the opposition parties that the Law Minister and the Prime Minister should resign on this issue, Prime Minister was reported to have stated that ‘the issue is in the court.’ Now that the court has clearly and strongly criticised the action of sharing the CBI report, the government will have to take some action. The continuation of the Law minister Ashwini Kumar has become untenable. At least to save face, the Prime minister will have to sack the Law minister.