BSNL is in loss for the last four years. While it is mainly the anti-PSU and pro-private policy of the government responsible for the present unhappy situation, the top management is also responsible. It has to be pondered as a company functioning in the fast growing telecom sector, whether the management, within its limitations of course, has been able to introduce and implement new projects, new areas of growth or expand its functioning in the heartlands of the country as required? Instead of motivating and utilising its experienced workforce effectively,by providing them training and retraining continuously on the new technologies and business methods, the management has been converting them ineffective. Many of the top management functionaries  feel that the non-executive workers are a nuisance than an effective and vibrant work-force. Maximum time of these top officers are spent on their own career prospects than the interests of the company.

Towns/cities are growing in every part of the country. Lakhs and crores of telephones/mobiles are required. In fact the people want BSNL connections compared to that of private companies. But what is the actual position? BSNL is providing 3 to 4 lakh of mobile connections, while each of the private companies on an average provides above 20 lakh connections monthly. Is there any dearth of staff here? Leave alone the non-executives, who are treated as a burden to the company. There are about 60 thousands of well-trained engineers including the 1400 ITS officers. Is there any mobile company having so much highly skilled engineers? The top management has utterly failed to utilise the executives and the non-executives.

BSNLEU after much persuasion made the BSNL Management to form Works Committees at all SSAs as a Forum for discussion between the Unions and the local management to improve and expand the services. After two-three years, almost all the GMs have arbitrarily stopped holding the meetings of the committees. They do not want to benefit from the long experiences of and suggestions from the local work-force to develop the services. The management has again utterly failed to contact with the public, understand their requirements and act accordingly. Of course, there are some good field level management officers, and the best results are there to see.

A good number of SSAs are not having any head ie.GM at present, while many GMs are kept idle in the Circle headquarters. What is the idea is known only to the BSNL Management. Is it purposely starving the SSAs of their heads? Of course, shortage may be there. The fact is well-known years back. Why no recruitment at the top-level posts have not been done? Why it has been postponed year after year? It is only complete negligence to look after matters of the company.

The decision-making has been at the lowest. It takes months and months to take any decision at both the field and top-level. It seems that nobody is interested in taking decisions. In a sector like telecom, where fast developments take place, this is to say the least, suicidal.

The Corporate office always say that the circles are not giving the inputs, particulars etc. that are called for by the former. Whose fault it is? Those who are not implementing the directions of the C.O. should certainly be pulled and fixed responsiblity. But nothing ever happens like that.

A complete overhaul of the top management is required. BSNL management always complains to the unions about the increasing % of salary bills of the employees compared to the private companies. It is not the increasing of the salary bill, but it is the reducing of the revenue that has increased the %. The business is completely managed by the top management, even the suggestions of the workers are ignored and hence the entire responsiblity for the very low growth of the company or rather the decline compared to the past is of the management.

Whether the  BSNL Management is prepared to discuss the entire matter with the Unions and the workers as demanded by the latter and find out methods to improve and expand the services to the people. Whether the top management is prepared to stand with the unions and staff to pressurize the government to change its anti-BSNL policies and fight for the revival of the company. If they are prepared, there is very good chance of reviving the company and bringing it to its formal glory. Of course, the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations will make all out efforts for improving BSNL and its services, whether the management co-operates or not.