HaymarketMartyrs127 years have passed  since the Hay Market (Chicago) massacre and hanging of trade union leaders August Spies, Adolph Fisher, Albert Parsons and George Engel. It was on 11th November 1887 that these comrades were hanged by the US colonialist rulers who wanted to protect the interests of the capitalists and exploiters. When they were being marched to the gallows they sang the Marseillaise, the international revolutionary anthem of the period. Before being hanged August Spies stated: “The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today”. How prophetic! (The above photo includes  those chargesheeted in the Hay Market massacre inluding the four comrades who were hanged)

1st May, the day of  Chicago massacre in 1886, is observed /celebrated as May Day, International Working Class Day, in memory of the workers struggle and the martyrdom.

The working class world over will ever remember their great sacrifice. My Red Salute to the Chicago Martyrs!