May Day Greetings!

 * Chicago showed us the way!

*  May Day Symbol of International Working Class!

*  Memory & Tribute to Martyrs.

*  Lesson for the New Generations!

*  May Day – The day of struggle!

Dear Comrade,

My May Day Revolutionary Greetings to all comrades, friends and well wishers!

May Day is the symbol of the International Working Class. It is a day to remember the struggles organized worldwide and also to remember the memory of those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the emancipation of the toiling masses. We pay tribute to those comrades who taught to change the destinies of the future generation, as those Chicago Martyrs.

The past struggles and sacrifices are not only history but they are the lessons for the new generation of workers as to how to march forward with their youth and experiences of the past generations.

On this May Day, my Revolutionary Greetings to all our comrades, friends and well wishers. Let us continue our struggles for the emancipation of the toiling masses.

(Courtsey : WFTU May Day Greetings)