The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) has congratulated and greet the Indian Working Class for the Historic Strike of 20-21 February 2021. The same is reproduced below:


Statement by the General Secretary of the WFTU, George Mavrikos on
the All-Indian General Strike on February 20-21st, 2013

“The Indian working class proved its determination in the struggle for the
labour and social rights with a massive general strike.

Dozens of millions of workers marched under the banners of the WFTU
affiliated class-oriented trade union organization. This is a loud message
to the Indian government and the capitalists and a great lesson for the
international working class.

We denounce with anger the state violence, the oppression of the employers
and the strike-breaking mechanisms that aimed to weaken the united class
response of the workers to the anti-labour policies causing acute problems to
the Indian workers. We honour the martyrs of the struggle who give their lives
for the betterment of the living and working conditions of the working class.

The WFTU once more expresses its support to the demands of the Indian
trade unions.”