As per the decisions of the National Council Meeting held yesterday, 30th January, a meeting of the Committee for Change of Designation of Non-executives was held today.
The Committee unanimously agreed on the new designations for the two cadres viz. RM and TM. The new designations agreed to by the official and staff side representatives are Telecom Assistant for Regular Mazdoor and Telecom Technician for Telecom Mechanic.
For the cadres of Sr.TOA and TTA, the designations demanded by the union representatives were not agreed to by the official side. Hence the discussion for change of designations for Sr.TOA, TTA and other cadres will continue.
It is after strenuous discussion for about three years, that the present agreement could be made. It was hard bargaining and at last the management had to agree for the change and new designations.
Coms. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLEU, P.Abhimanyu, General Secretry, BSNLEU, P.Asokababu, Vice-President, BSNLEU and V.Subburaman, GS TEPU participated from the staff side.
Let this achievement be advanced for the designation change for Sr.TOA, TTA and all other cadres.