On 28th January, I started for Lucknow from New Delhi by Shramjeevi Express. Since the waitlist in the AC III tier/Sleeper was very long, I had booked for I class, where the waiting List was only two. Though the ticket was booked more than one week back, there was no change in the waiting list till the last moment. To my great relief, the ticket was confirmed and I started by the same train in the First Class.
My allotment was in a two berth cabin. There was another passenger who seemed to be from military. Actually, when we got acquainted, I found out that he was a top officer in a para-military contingent. I could understand a lot about the difficulties being faced by the military and para-military forces and officials in their day to day hard life. Though being a very high officer, he was so polite and simple. On the way, he got down at Shajahanpur.
At Shajahanpur another passenger came. He was an armed guard of Minister of the state government, who was sitting in the next cabin. I told that I am coming from Delhi, when he asked. The moment we started speaking again,the young man told me that my speaking Hindi was not as a Delhi man, but seemed to be a man from the South. I fully agreed and told him that I am from Kerala, but staying in Delhi for the last more than 20 years for union work.
I know my Hindi is weak, especially when speaking. But I never thought that it was so easy to find out that I was a South Indian through my accent.
The attendent also brought sugarless tea 3-4 times, whenever I asked for the same, without any murmer. It seems that my old age with white hair arouses sympathy among the young. Fair enough!
Anyhow, my train journey was interesting, as always it was in the past. Another benefit for train journey – Being a Senior Citizen, there is good concession to the extent of 40% ( for women Senior Citizen the concession is 50% – congratulation for the Railways!)
But of course, now the train charges have been increased.